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Selected writings on contemporary art in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean

= A fine balance, by Nicholas Laughlin
An essay on the exhibition Into the Mix, which ran at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in 2012; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, November 2013

= The Popop spirit, by Sonia Farmer
A profile of Nassau-based Popopstudios International Centre for the Visual Arts; published in Caribbean Beat, November/December 2013

= The art of presence, by Christopher Cozier
A profile of Marcel Pinas; published in Caribbean Beat, July/August 2013

= The shape of a name, by Nicholas Laughlin
A profile of Sandra Brewster and her Mohammeds project at Alice Yard; published in Caribbean Beat, May/June 2013

= Mas by other means, by Nicholas Laughlin
A profile of Marlon Griffith; published in Caribbean Beat, January/February 2013

= Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, by Andil Gosine
Review of the exhibition at El Museo del Barrio, the Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Queens Museum, June 2012–January 2011; published in Art in America, November 2012

= Changing the game, by Natalie McGuire
Short profiles of seven emerging Barbadian artists (Simone Padmore, Alicia Alleyne, Matthew Clarke, Versia Harris, Mark King, Katherine Kennedy, Sheena Rose); published in Caribbean Beat, November/December 2012

= All the right moves, by Nicholas Laughlin
A profile of Ebony G. Patterson; published in Caribbean Beat, September/October 2012

= No more than a backyard on a small island
An interview with Christopher Cozier about Alice Yard and its networks, by curator Claire Tancons; published in Fillip No. 16, Spring 2012

= The middle of the day, by Courtney J. Martin
A dialogue with Frank Bowling on his “poured paintings”; published in Frieze, May 2012

= Notes on Wrestling with the Image, by Christopher Cozier
= In defense of palm trees, by Tatiana Flores
Essays by the curators of Wrestling with the Image, an exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC, January–May 2011; from the e-catalogue [PDF download]

= Space is never inactive, by Christopher Cozier
On recent work by Karyn Olivier; published in the catalogue for Who Runs the Space Now?, an exhibition curated by Sandino Scheidegger and Sofia Mariscal, June–August 2011 [PDF download]

= Portrait of the artist, by Nicholas Laughlin
On recent work by Dhiradj Ramsamoedj; published in ARC, April 2011

= Turn of the tide, by Melanie Archer
On Holly Bynoe’s Compounds series, including an interview with the artist; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, March 2011

= Belonging to in-between, by Jerry Philogene
On Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions, an exhibition curated by Christopher Cozier and Tatiana Flores; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, January 2011

= Beyond the tropical veneer: sun cream and the aesthetics of leisure, by Krista Thompson
On Blue Curry’s Untitled (2010), silk screened cover design in sun cream; published in nn [arbeitstitel], 2010

= Stranger than paradise, by Melanie Archer
On recent work by Blue Curry, including an interview with the artist; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, November 2010

= Interview with Karyn Olivier by Astri von Arbin Ahlander
Published at The Days of Yore, September 2010

= Brave new world, by Annie Paul
On the Young Talent V exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, July 2010

= Hungry for words, by Nicholas Laughlin
On Karyn Olivier’s ACA Foods Free Library project, including an interview with the artist; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, July 2010

= Still from “The Life Movie”, by Nicholas Laughlin
On Christopher Cozier’s Now Showing print; published at Antilles, the CRB blog, 20 July, 2010

= A place to stand, by Nicholas Laughlin
On Dhiradj Ramsamoedj’s Adjie Gilas project; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, May 2010

= On monuments and moments, by Christopher Cozier
Essay on the commemoration of historic events in the work of Surinamese artists Marcel Pinas and Kurt Nahar; published on the Paramaribo SPAN blog, February 2010

= Losing your head in the Photobooth, by Dave Williams
On Rodell Warner’s Photobooth project; published at the Small Axe blog, 9 November, 2009

= Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2009 catalogue
A special issue of Draconian Switch, number 8, 2009 [PDF download]

= Mi Did Deh Deh: a conversation between Jamaican artists Ebony G. Patterson and Oneika Russell
Published on the Small Axe “Vocabularies of Visual Memory” blog, August 2009

= Between a fantasy and a hard place, by Nicholas Laughlin
On La Fantasie, a public installation by Marlon Griffith, Jaime Lee Loy, and Nikolai Noel; written August 2009

= The Wakaman Project, by Rob Perrée
Essay on the Suriname-based Wakaman Project, 2006-2009; published on the Small Axe blog

= A walk in the night, by Alexandra Dodd
Essay on Marlon Griffith's project at CAPE 09, Cape Town, 2009; published on the Small Axe blog

= Riotous assemblage, by Nicholas Laughlin
On The Kingdom of the Blind, by Hew Locke; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, November 2008

= Full frontal, by Christopher Cozier
Short essay on Gerard Gaskin's Trinidad Artists series; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, August 2008

= An island is a world, by Nicholas Laughlin
Review of Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art, an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, November 2007

= Working notes: On Christopher Cozier's Tropical Night drawings, by Nicholas Laughlin
Published in the catalogue of Little Gestures: From the Tropical Night Series, an exhibition at the Jaffe-Friede Gallery, Hopkins Centre, Dartmouth College, 2007

= Hermetically sealed, by Maxwell Heller
Essay on Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan; published in The Brooklyn Rail, December 2006/January 2007

= National affairs, by Annie Paul
Review of the 2006 Jamaica National Biennial; published in The Caribbean Review of Books, May 2007

= Make a space: a dialogue between Christopher Cozier and Nicholas Laughlin
On the 2006 Galvanize programme; published in the Trinidad and Tobago Review, November 2006

= Discomfort zone, by Nicholas Laughlin
On Christopher Cozier, his Tropical Night drawings, and Richard Fung’s documentary Uncomfortable; first published in Modern Painters, June 2006

= Access Denied: Big River 3
Catalogue of the 2006 Big River International Artists' Workshop, Trinidad, February to March 2006 [PDF download]

= Art journeys
A series of reports on contemporary art in Guadeloupe, St. Vincent, Guyana, Suriname, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Dominica, circa 2005; published at the CLICO Caribbean Art website

= Lighting the shadow, by Claire Tancons
Essay by the curator of Lighting the Shadow: Trinidad In and Out of Light, an exhibition at Caribbean Contemporary Arts, 2004

= Interview with Christopher Cozier by Annie Paul
First published in BOMB 82, Winter 2003

= Meeting history with art: "The Myriad of Myself", by Annie Paul
Catalogue essay from Lips, Sticks & Marks, an exhibition curated by Annalee Davis, Alida Martinez, and Irénée Shaw, at The Art Foundry, Barbados, and CCA, Trinidad, 1998; republished in N.Paradoxa 8, 1998

Other writings

= Politics of installation, by Boris Groys
Published in e-flux journal #2, 01/2009

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