Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Animae Caribe introduces MAX HATTLER

This Tuesday 23rd September at 7.30pm

Animae Caribe introduces to Alice Yard, German born, London based media artist / animator Max Hattler, as part of the Animation and New Media - Vjaying UK session & Visual Lime.

MAX HATTLER has performed live visuals across Europe & the US, including Tate Britain, the ICA and the Animation Show. His abstract political short film "Collision" won several prizes, including the LUX Award for Best Experimental Film. Dazed and Confused, a pop-culture zine published in the United Kingdom, described him as one of “three of the world’s most exciting young animators”, next to PES and Model Robot. While his films tend to be without dialogue, they explore the relationship between sound, music & the moving image.

see interview here

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