Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gerard Gaskin: Trinidad Artists

Tuesday 18 August, 2009, at 7.30 pm

Portraits from Gerard Gaskin's Trinidad Artists series. Clockwise from top left: film director and editor Walt Lovelace; artist Sabrina Charran; photographer Marlon Rouse; artist Jaime Lee Loy; musician Roger Roberts; photographer Abigail Hadeed

Photographer Gerard H. Gaskin's Trinidad Artists series is a work in progress, a survey of Trinidad's creative topography via portraits of three generations of visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, and others. Shot in a standard format--close up, in natural light and with a shallow depth of field--each portrait is an intimate encounter. "The impact of the world around the subject can be logically inferred only from the light, the expression, or from what is reflected in the eyes," writes Christopher Cozier.

Gaskin is currently in Trinidad shooting new portraits for the series, using Alice Yard's exterior spaces as his studio. On Tuesday 18 August he will give a talk about Trinidad Artists and his other recent projects, moderated by Cozier. Images from the Trinidad Artists series will be projected in the Alice Yard Space. All are invited.

(Visit Gaskin's website to see a portfolio of his work, and read Cozier's essay on Trinidad Artists in the August 2008 issue of The Caribbean Review of Books.)


Alicia Milne said...

What time does the talk start?

Nicholas Laughlin said...

Gerard will be there at 7.30 and the formal part of the evening will start 15 to 20 minutes later.

Alicia Milne said...

Thanks. Do you know if he will be showing any of his work from this trip?

Nicholas Laughlin said...

I'm not sure whether he'll include the most recent portraits--he probably needs some time to work on those in the darkroom, virtual or otherwise.