Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nikolai Noel: The Dimming

Opens Friday 11 December, 2009, at 8.00 pm

From The Dimming (1)

The Dimming is a series of new drawings by Nikolai Noel — dark, puzzling, and by turns sinister, witty, sly. These works on paper play with ideas of narrative, sequence, congruence, consequence — notions of absence, isolation, harm, magic, fear — and cumulatively suggest either distress or sanctity, a state of peace, contentment, rest.

The drawings will be installed at Alice Yard for one week, and the exhibition opens at 8.00 pm on Friday 11 December.

All are invited.

From The Dimming (1)

About the artist:

Nikolai Noel grew up in the east Port of Spain district of Belmont and attended the John Donaldson Technical Institute before entering the world of commercial video production as an animator. He began to exhibit in 2000, and has shown work every year since, participating in a number of group shows, with solo shows in 2002 and 2007.

He says: “The purpose of my work is to question the way we structure our civilisation. Why are the institutions that govern the world we know, the institutions that govern the world we know? Could we have evolved an alternative, more equitable form of organising ourselves? Is it too late to do it? Do we have the will or desire for that kind of thing? I am interested in the millions of years of occurrences that brought us to this point.”

Noel last showed his work at Alice Yard in December 2007.

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