Tuesday, May 11, 2010

(IN) SECURITIES & "OUR HOME ": Wednesday May 12th, 6-10pm

Project presentations by Jeanika B. Springer & Nicolette J. Laume.

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"...I will be showing a combination of photographs and stop motion videos, constructing my own ongoing relationship and thoughts about security and boundaries in both it's physical manifestations, and social manifestations..." NJL

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"...Dealing with the interior space as a way of artistic expression and emotional / psychological influence... For my final photography project, I wanted to get my hands dirty and do something for the greater good. After being in Trinidad for a semester, I thought it important to leave a valuable mark on the place that future participants could enjoy. I am going to remodel our Program House! This presentation will showcase my analysis, discoveries, and progress." JBS
"Our home" will consist of two presentations - tonight "our home on the terrace" of Alice Yard and on Thursday 13th at 13 Harris St. Curepe, the actual re-designed space.
For further details, go to Trinity at Alice Yard site.

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