Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A conversation with Sasha Dees

Friday 2 December, 2011, at 7 pm

Sasha Dees is an independent curator and producer who lives and works between Amsterdam and New York. She has been a producer for numerous projects in all art disciplines and she was one of the pioneers in rebuilding the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Suriname.

In addition to her own projects, in 2003 she and Philip Powel founded the not-for-profit organisation for the arts John106. Dees is also the co-developer and curator for the Open Ateliers Artist in Residence (OAZO-AIR) programme in Amsterdam.

In early December 2011, Dees will be based at Alice Yard on a short investigative residency, exploring the contemporary art scene in Port of Spain. On Friday 2 December, at 7 pm, she will give an informal talk at Alice Yard about her current projects and the OAZO-AIR programme.

All are invited.

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