Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conversation with Nicole Awai

7pm / Tuesday / June 25 / at Alice Yard

Since the beginning of June, New York based, Trinidadian artist
Nicole Awai has been researching and working from Alice Yard on an Art Matters Grant. Her investigations lead her to La Brea and, after all this time, to a puzzling personal story of a childhood school excursion, she recalls, or imagined but actually may have missed. Derived from her research and photographs, she has embarked on an experimental wall work.  Over the last seven years, Alice Yard has been actively facilitating exchange and project development with contemporary artists of the region and its diaspora. Please join us for this ongoing dialogue. All are welcome.
Please note that, during the course of this week, Awai's wall drawing will appear and then disappear by Saturday June 27th.

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