Friday, September 5, 2014

Introducing Simone Asia

Alice Yard's current artist-in-residence

To mark the end of her stay in Port of Spain, we invite you to an informal gathering on Sunday 14 September at 6 pm, when the work Simone has made at Alice Yard will be available for viewing.

In August and September 2014, Alice Yard is hosting Barbadian artist-in-residence Simone Padmore, a.k.a. Simone Asia.

A graduate of Barbados Community College (BFA in Studio Art, 2011), she is using her time in Port of Spain to make connections in Trinidad’s contemporary art networks, and develop an ongoing body of work.

She writes: “I illustrate by hand, using pen and ink as my prominent media. I am interested in illustrating concepts about the alter ego and developing my own hybrids or characters using line, space, and detail. I am interested in where my journey as an artist will take me and what other things I can learn and explore in this world, so that I can see my art evolve.”

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