Sunday, March 27, 2016

AY/24/7: Versia Abeda Harris

Merely a Chimera
Selected images in the Box and in the Yard 

“Fantasy is defined as unrealistic mental images on which one repeatedly dwells, that reflect one’s conscious or unconscious desires. These images do not always stay as thoughts in the mind but often manifest into physical objects/pictures, actions, words or behaviour. In my work, I think about how fantasy can manifest and how the reality of an individual may be pushed or bent by imagination.” —V.A.H.


A chimera is a single organism made up of genetically disparate cells, making it possible for the organism to have two opposing bodily features. It can also be defined as a thing wished for but is impossible to achieve. This image is selected from a series of 53 that documents a creature taking the various shapes of things observed in a continuous search for the ultimate identity.

Read more about the artist here.

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