Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Richard Williams: New Objects and Wall Collages

Thursday 11 August, 2016, from 7 pm, at Alice Yard

Installing Bloody Republic

The artist will present a sequence of actions/experiments for one night only. Trinidad-born artist Richard Williams is influenced by contemporary wall graphics, graffiti, and the public performances of the Fluxus Movement. His creative explorations can be traced to their genesis in the yard of his family home in east Trinidad, and can now be seen on the streets of Germany.

“I moved to Germany about ten years ago… I began my formal art practice when I finished at the John S Donaldson Technical Institute design programme. Although I may be far from home, switching off my feelings of concern is not an option for me. I always pay attention to how we treat our environment and communities… My latest works combine the worlds of past and present. I am revisiting my past and bringing it into my present experiments. Showing the reality of T&T’s 2016 social collapse is important to me — dealing with these problems is the start for finding a way to solve it.”

Invasive Species (detail)

Rattan vs Plastic 

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