Thursday, December 6, 2018

Conversations in the Yard: Caribbean Digital 2018

An installation of digital video works by five contemporary Caribbean artists

Friday 7 December, 2018, 8 pm, at Alice Yard

Still from Marchons unis … (Let’s walk together…), by Maeksaens Denis

As part of The Caribbean Digital 2018 conference, on Friday 7 December Alice Yard will host an informal installation of digital video works by artists Di-Andre Caprice Davis (Jamaica), Maksaens Denis (Haiti), Asha Ganpat (T&T/USA), David Gumbs (Saint-Martin), and Rodell Warner (T&T). By placing their individual works “in conversation” with each other in our physical space, we hope to suggest affinities and sympathies among these artists from diverse Caribbean backgrounds.

Christopher Cozier, artist, curator and Alice Yard co-director writes:

Digital experimentation among artists in the Caribbean began as an alternate space of becoming as soon as the technology became accessible during the 1990s. For example, pioneering works came the from the live VJ public performances and experiments of Maksaens Denis moving between the raves of Europe and the streets of Haiti. Across the region and the diaspora, in response to traditional regulated territories, new prospects opened up and out for understanding our space. As artists, it brought us together and in communication with each other and expanded our visual vocabularies and ways of imagining. In this other place, somewhere between the actual and the virtual, it continues to expand.

All are invited.

Still from Blood, by David Gumbs 

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