Thursday, July 21, 2022

Shannon Alonzo, artist in residence

Alice Yard / documenta fifteen


Shannon Alonzo is Alice Yard’s fifth artist in residence at documenta fifteen. From 18 to 30 July, 2022, she is based at WH22 in Kassel. During this time she will engage in a series of projects which are an extension of work created during her residency at Granderson Lab in 2020, investigating space and collective action in Trinidad Carnival. This will include the video installation Subterranean Sentiments of Belonging, which documents the erasure of three charcoal and graphite murals created over a period of one year on a single wall at Granderson Lab in Belmont, Trinidad.


Shannon Alonzo (b. 1988, St. Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago) is an interdisciplinary artist focusing primarily on drawing, soft sculpture, and performance. Her practice explores themes of collective belonging, place attachment, and the significance of Carnival ritual to the Caribbean consciousness. She holds a BA from London College of Fashion and a MRes Creative Practice from the University of Westminster. She has exhibited work at Alice Yard, Loftt Gallery, and Black Box in Trinidad and Tobago, Ambika P3 and London Gallery West in the UK, and the Atlantic World Art Fair on Artsy.

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