Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Michelle Eistrup, artist in residence

Alice Yard / documenta fifteen


Michelle Eistrup is Alice Yard’s seventh artist in residence at documenta fifteen. From 14 to 28 August, 2022, she is based at WH22 in Kassel. While in Kassel, she is organising a programme of discussions and meetings around her ongoing Bridging Art + Text Incubator (BAT INK) project. She has invited a small group of artists, researchers, community representatives, and curators to exchange deep knowledge, collaboration, and scientific and artistic approaches. “On the brink of disaster, future scenarios must envision rediscovered life-giving and sustainable cultural and spiritual practices concerning nature.”

Find more information on BAT INK here.


Michelle Eistrup is a visual artist, and initiator of artistic collaborations who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Eistrup’s art incorporates themes of identity, corporeality, faith, memory, and post-colonialism, where her transnational background (Danish, Jamaican, American) is sometimes a point of departure. Rooted in a vibrant global arts community, she has exhibited internationally and organised events that facilitate in-depth dialogue and research between artists, writers, and curators, for the overall purpose of encouraging a more integrated, sensitive, and equitable creative exchange.

She curated BAT, Bridging Art and Text Workshop and Seminar, together with coordinator Annemari B. Clausen, and BAT (3-volume publication, 800 pp) (2012-2018).

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