Monday, September 12, 2022

Ada M. Patterson, artist in residence

Alice Yard / documenta fifteen

Ada M. Patterson is Alice Yard’s ninth artist in residence at documenta fifteen. From 11 to 25 September, 2022, she is based at WH22 Kassel. During her residency, she will draft compositions for an upcoming music video installation, using steel pan. As she rehearses in her room in the private living quarters, visitors may be able to hear fragments of pan music trickling into the exhibition space.

Within the exhibition space, there will be a different textile shared daily from her series Kanga for the Present, gifting each day with a new message.


Ada M. Patterson (b. 1994, Bridgetown) is an artist and writer based between Barbados, London, and Rotterdam. She works with masquerade, performance, poetry, textiles, and video, looking at the ways storytelling can limit, enable, and complicate identity formation. Her recent work considers grief, elegy writing, and archiving as tools for disrupting the disappearance of communities queered by different experiences of crisis. Patterson was the 2020 NLS Kingston Curatorial and Art Writing Fellow. 

Photo: Alessandro Sala, courtesy Centrale Fies

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