Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kareem-Anthony Ferreira: Work in progress

Friday 22 June, 6 to 8 pm, at Alice Yard

Artist Kareem-Anthony Ferreira has been in residence at Alice Yard  for three weeks in June 2018. On Friday 22 June he will present his current work in progress.

All are invited.

Ferreira writes:

“In my recent work, I re-assign value and purpose to a series of photographs and objects to develop a commentary on traits inherent to my family. My paintings are heavily directed by the accumulation and assemblage of disassociated objects in an effort to delve into the significance of the collections of my family members. These individual found objects are a direct reflection of myself and some family traits. Each painting is individually built up from layers of information and history. The human figure is also another found object that is a vehicle for this exploration. The source materials I am working with are photographs taken at a time of high significance, but I now find these pictures discarded and forgotten. By extracting sections of these photographs and re-assigning value and meaning, I hope to discover the significance of the accumulations in my family.”