Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vulgar Fraction: Coalition

Carnival 2011

coalition 1

Photographs by Arnaldo James

Vulgar Fraction, the independent mas band led by designer Robert Young of The Cloth, launched its Carnival 2011 presentation, Coalition, at Alice Yard on Tuesday 25 January. Coalition is a collaboration between Young and designer Lupe Leonard.

The designers explain:

Coalition represents a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, within which they co-operate in joint action. While each individual serves his own interest at times, they have all come together for a common cause. However, since the alliance may have been formed as a matter of convenience, it may last only temporarily.”

Leonard has been producing children’s mas for approximately five years, while Young has maintained an almost fifteen-year presence “on the road” for Carnival.

“Vulgar Fraction has consistently advocated a return to true creativity, art and design for masqueraders”, says Young. “But the process becomes even more interesting when each person gets involved in designing and building part of their own costume themselves.”

Vulgar Fraction will provide potential masqueraders with a variety of design components they can use to decorate their costumes themselves — a practice similar to elements of the sailor mas tradition. (For further information, contact Robert Young at 471-2041.)

The Alice Yard launch included music by 3canal, Moyenne, tilla the sound boi killer, and North West Laventille Cultural Movement.

coalition 2

coalition 3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrestling with the Image

21 January to 10 March, 2011, at the Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC

wrestling with the image

Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions is an exhibition of contemporary art from twelve Caribbean countries, curated by artist and Alice Yard co-director Christopher Cozier and art historian Tatiana Flores. It opened at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC, on 21 January, 2011, and runs until 10 March.

The participating artists include several from Alice Yard’s creative network or who have shown their work at Alice Yard in recent years. The exhibition e-catalogue, with essays by Cozier and Flores, designed by Richard Rawlins and published by Draconian Switch, can be downloaded here.

wrestling with the image installation shot

View of one of the galleries at Wrestling with the Image, featuring work by (on walls, left to right) Phillip Thomas of Jamaica, Jean-Ulrick Désert of Haiti/Germany, Rodell Warner of Trinidad and Tobago, and (floor) Marcel Pinas of Suriname. Photograph by Nadia Huggins

Nikolai Noel Toussaint et George

Toussaint et George (2010), by Nikolai Noel, from Wrestling with the Image. Courtesy the artist

wrestling with the image installation shot 2

Work by (left to right) Tonya Wiles of Barbados and Ebony Patterson of Jamaica. Photograph by Nadia Huggins

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mobile Portrait Studio: Lara Stein Pardo and Rodell Warner

Friday 14 January, 2011, at 7.30 pm

mobile portrait studio ariapita

From Mobile Portrait Studio, Port of Spain, January 2011

Mobile Portrait Studio, a project by Lara Stein Pardo, considers people, public spaces, performance, and personal interaction in relationship to the role of portraiture, art-making, memory, and historical narratives. Mobile Portrait Studio ran in two locations in Miami in December 2010. The Port of Spain version is a collaboration between Stein Pardo and Rodell Warner.

On 11 January, 2011, Stein Pardo and Warner made a series of portraits of passersby on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook. In the second stage of their collaboration, they will operate the Mobile Portrait Studio at Alice Yard on Friday 14 January from 7.30 pm. Volunteer participants can have their portraits taken and will receive a free print. The images will be digitally preserved as part of a larger series of artworks.

Stein Pardo and Warner will also screen the portraits taken on 11 January, and engage in a conversation about the project, their other recent work, and their interest in portraiture.

All are invited.

About the artists:

Lara Stein Pardo is an artist and PhD candidate in sociocultural anthropology at the University of Michigan. She is currently a visiting researcher in the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami and artist-in-residence at the Deering Estate in Cutler Bay. Her artwork, research, and writing revolve around place, gender, race, ethnicity, art, and artistic practice in the US and the Caribbean. She works in the medium of photography, installation, performance, and short film.

Rodell Warner is an artist and designer. His recent work includes the interactive installation Photobooth during Erotic Art Week 2009 and 2010, and the ongoing portrait series Closer. Other work in progress is documented at his blog, Free Paper. He is a member of Alice Yard’s network of creative collaborators.

From Mobile Portrait Studio, Miami, December 2010

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A conversation with Richard Fung

Tuesday 11 January, 2011, at 7.30 pm

rex vs singh still

Still from Rex vs. Singh (2008)

Richard Fung is a Trinidad-born, Toronto-based video artist and writer. His single channel videos and projections have been widely exhibited and collected internationally, and his articles have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. He is the co-author with Monika Kin Gagnon of 13: Conversations on Art and Cultural Race Politics. Fung has been a Rockefeller Fellow at New York University, and a visiting professor at the Mass Communication Research Centre at Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi. He teaches at OCAD University.

On Tuesday 11 January, Fung will give a talk at Alice Yard about his recent projects and current work in progress. The event will include a screening of Fung’s recent video work Rex vs. Singh (2008; 29:25 minutes), made in collaboration with Ali Kazimi and John Greyson.

In 1915, two Sikh mill-workers, Dalip Singh and Naina Singh, were entrapped by undercover police in Vancouver, British Columbia, and accused of sodomy. This experimental video stages scenes from their trial, told four times: first as a period drama, second as a documentary investigation of the case, third as a musical agit-prop, and fourth, as a deconstruction of the actual court transcript. Rex vs. Singh was commissioned by the Queer History Project of Out on Screen, Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

All are invited.

For more information about the artist, see: