Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Thursday 14 December 2023 (4:30 'til)
24 Erthig Rd, Belmont


IT GO HAVE TO ADJUST. ON LANGUAGE AS PARASITE is a living curatorial endeavour by SAVVY Contemporary deliberating on the parasitic nature of language.

If language is a parasite, we need to evolve one that is made up of a plurality of voices that we wish to see act for a shared future. If we are “participants in the future of our languages” (Ocean Vuong), how can we make space for more variants of influences in order to facilitate the right climate and conditions for subversive, liberating practices within art and publishing? If language is there to make space for our survival, can we find procedures for optimising our communication to aid the creation of networks that can parasitize towards the proliferation and development of liberating practices? 

SAVVY Contemporary is an artistic organisation, discursive platform, place for good talks, foods and drinks – a space for conviviality and cultural plurilog. As a public and independent organism in perpetual becoming, it is animated by around 25 members and a network of collaborators, co-creating community and communities it breathes with. SAVVY Contemporary situates itself at the threshold of the West and the non-West to understand their conceptualisations, ethical systems, achievements, and ruins. It develops tools, proposes perspectives and nourishes practices towards imagining a world inhabited together.