Alice Yard residency programme

“The Yard replaces the infrastructure that we usually rely on with an extended and informal network of artists, designers, businesses, masmen and musicians. The way this changes how one goes about making work is profound. It means that anything you do is in negotiation with others and everything you create is an exchange. The network becomes your studio, your support, your sounding board and your audience.”

-- From “Failure at the Yard”, an essay by past artist-in-residence Charles Campbell

Since 2008, Alice Yard has run a residency programme hosting artists, curators, and other creative practitioners wishing to visit and work in our space and with our network of collaborators, or to research and experience the contemporary art scene in Port of Spain.

We have hosted visitors on stays ranging from a few days to a few months, some focusing on a specific project or work in progress, others more open-ended and exploratory. We have also hosted “local” residencies for Trinidad-based artists requiring temporary working space to explore an idea or complete a project.

Our residency programme is informal and flexible. There is no detailed application process. Artists and others interested in an Alice Yard residency should contact us at with a CV, details of recent and current work, and an outline of a proposed project or reason for your interest. We give priority to projects that engage specifically with our physical space and virtual network. Note that Alice Yard is a non-profit which runs on a minimal budget. We are unable to contribute to artists’ travel, maintenance, or material expenses. We are able to provide modest living and working space, logistical support, and access to collaborators from a range of fields.

Note: at the end of January 2020, Alice Yard relocated to Granderson Lab, 24 Erthig Road, Belmont. Due to scheduled construction work, we are temporarily unable to host artists in residence, but plan to resume our residency programme in late 2020.

Past residents include:

Gwladys Gambie, artist (Martinique, 2020)
Maïa Nunes, artist (Trinidad/Ireland, 2020)
Shannon Lewis, artist (Trinidad/US/Germany, 2019)
Alexis Callender, artist (Barbados/US, 2019)
Amada Miller, artist, and Nicholas Frank, writer and artist (US, 2019)
Julián Sánchez González, art historian (Colombia/US, 2019)
Pierre Obando, artist (Belize/US, 2019)
Kearra Amaya Gopee, artist (Trinidad/US, 2019)
Adam Patterson, artist (Barbados/UK/Netherlands, 2019)
Kelly Baker Josephs, scholar (US, 2018)
Sasha Dees, curator (Netherlands, 2018)
Di-Andre Caprice, artist (Jamaica, 2018): supported by Ebony G. Patterson
Kareem Ferreira, artist (Trinidad/US, 2018)
Jamal Gerald, writer and performer (UK, 2018)
Adalber Salas Hernández, writer and translator (Venezuela/US, 2018)
Natalie McGuire, curator (Barbados, 2018)
Ayesha Hameed, artist and writer (Canada/UK, 2017)
Martin Solymar, artist (Sweden, 2017)
Erica James, curator and art historian (Bahamas/US, 2017)
Erika De Freitas, artist (Canada, 2017)
Emilie Boone, art historian and curator (US, 2017)
Ulelli Verbeke, artist (Guyana, 2017)
Dennis de Caires, artist (UK/Barbados/Guyana, 2017)
Joanna Helfer, artist (UK, 2017)
Sofía Gallisá Muriente, artist and curator (Puerto Rico, 2017)
Ayesha Hameed, artist and writer (Canada/UK, 2016-2017)
Kelly-Ann Lindo, artist (Jamaica, 2016): supported by Ebony G. Patterson
Blue Curry, artist (Bahamas/UK, 2016)
Asha Ganpat, artist (TT/US, 2016)
Antawan I. Byrd, art historian and curator (US, 2016)
Alexandra Majerus, artist (Barbados/Canada, 2016)
Kristen Gaylord, curator (US, 2016)
Rosamond S. King, writer and artist (US, 2016)
Tessa Mars, artist (Haiti, 2015): supported by the Institut Français Visa pour la création programme
Lara Dahlmann, artist (Germany, 2015)
Lola Flash, artist (US, 2015)
Naomi Jackson, writer (US/Barbados, 2015): supported by the NGC Bocas Lit Fest
Lauren Marsden, artist (Canada, 2015)
Camille Chedda, artist (Jamaica, 2014-15): supported by Ebony G. Patterson
Kaneesha Cherelle Parsad, scholar and researcher (US, 2014)
María Elena Ortiz, curator (Puerto Rico/US, 2014): supported by the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Travel Award for Central America and the Caribbean
Simone Padmore, artist (Barbados, 2014)
Ajamu, artist (UK, 2014): in partnership with CAISO, the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation
Courtney J. Martin, curator (US, 2014)
RaQuel van Haver, artist (Netherlands, 2014)
Jean-Luis Huhta, artist and DJ (Sweden, 2013-14)
Nana Dalunde, filmmaker (Sweden, 2013-14)
Remco de Blaij, curator (Netherlands/UK, 2013): supported by the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Travel Award for Central America and the Caribbean
Versia Harris, artist (Barbados, 2013)
Kobena Mercer, art historian (UK/US, 2013)
Tobias Ostrander, curator (US, 2013)
Michelle Eistrup, artist (Denmark, Jamaica, 2013): supported by the Danish Arts Council
Nicole Awai, artist (TT/US, 2013)
Rodell Warner, artist (TT, 2013)
Sandra Brewster, artist (Canada, 2013): supported by the Canada Council for the Arts
Shanika Grimes, artist (Barbados, 2013)
Marlon Griffith, artist (TT/Japan, 2012)
Nicole Smyth-Johnson, curator (Jamaica, 2012)
Tatiana Flores, art historian and curator (US, 2012)
Carlos Garrido Castellano, art historian (Spain, 2012)
Marta Fernandez Campa, art historian (Spain/US, 2012)
Mark King, artist (Barbados, 2012)
Karen McLean, artist (TT/UK, 2012)
Jennifer Samuel, artist (US, 2012)
Sasha Dees, curator (Netherlands/US, 2011)
Charles Campbell, artist (Jamaica/Canada, 2011): supported by the Canada Council for the Arts
Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, artist (Suriname, 2011): supported by Readytex Art Gallery
Ebony G. Patterson, artist (Jamaica/US, 2011)
Joanna Crichlow, artist (Barbados, 2011)
Greta Mendez, artist (TT/UK, 2011)
J. Brent Crosson, anthropologist (US, 2010-11)
Sheena Rose, artist (Barbados, 2010)
O’Neil Lawrence, artist and curator (Jamaica, 2010)
Heino Schmid, artist (The Bahamas, 2010): supported by the Commonwealth Foundation
Celia Weiss Bambara, dancer and choreographer (US, 2010)
Ishion Hutchinson, writer (Jamaica/US, 2009-10)
Valzhyna Mort, writer (Belarus/US, 2009-10)
Marlon Griffith, artist (TT, 2009): 24HRS residency
Ugochukwu Bright Eke, artist (Nigeria, 2008): supported by the Commonwealth Foundation