Sunday, August 4, 2019

Amada Miller: The sun is a star too
- and -
Nicholas Frank: 1 I 2 Ü, A Play In Three Acts

Thursday 8 August, 6 pm, at Alice Yard

In early August 2019, artists Amada Miller and Nicholas Frank are in residence at Alice Yard. On Thursday 8 August, they will present a range of site-specific new work inviting active audience participation.

Amada Miller’s The sun is a star too is a compendium of naturally dyed fabric paintings using zaboca, turmeric, roucou, sorrel, coconut, and other locally-sourced ingredients, and a folkloric history of the origin of avocado in chapbook form.

Nicholas Frank’s 1 I 2 Ü, A Play In Three Acts is a theatrical presentation that operates in the boundaries between actor and audience, individual and collective, island and horizon. Frank will also mint a new Alice Yard currency.

All are invited to attend and participate.

6 pm: assemble in Alice Yard
6.30 pm: Painting Promenade begins near Augustus Williams Park and through the neighbourhood
7 pm: play begins in Alice Yard
8 to 10 pm: Afterbar: Cocktails by Amada

About the artists:

Amada Miller and Nicholas Frank reside in San Antonio, Texas. Miller currently has an exhibition on view at Blue Star Contemporary and FL!GHT Gallery in San Antonio, with upcoming exhibitions at Porcino (Berlin, Germany), The Galveston Arts Center (Galveston, TX), and Gray Duck Gallery (Austin, TX). She recently completed a residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin and will be in residence at the DoSeum in San Antonio later this year. Frank showed at FL!GHT Gallery in San Antonio earlier this year, the Green Gallery (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) in late 2017, and was in residence at Artpace (San Antonio) in early 2017.

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