Saturday, August 3, 2019

Digital Heirlooms: Global Intimacies and Alternative Family Trees

A presentation and workshop with Tao Leigh Goffe and Felicia Chang

Tuesday 6 August, 5.30 pm, at Alice Yard

Left: Felicia Chang
Right: Tao Leigh Goffe
History is a dark room that often leaves silences about the global intimacies that connect families across the continents, from the Caribbean to Africa to Europe to Asia. In this Alice Yard workshop, we invite participants to think about what stories they will inherit by analysing family photography from varying perspectives, including that of artificial intelligence. Working in groups, participants will create physical collages using found objects to form an entangled album of digital heirlooms. 

All are invited. Required: bring a family photograph.

Based in Trinidad, Felicia Chang is a co-founder of Plantain, a company that crafts bespoke physical and multimedia family narratives.

Based in Amsterdam, Tao Leigh Goffe is a professor of Caribbean cultural studies at Cornell University who uses her skills as a DJ to teach the remixing of visual culture and global literature. 

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