Tuesday, September 15, 2009

24HRS: Marlon Griffith

marlon 24HRS 3

For his 24HRS residency--part of the free+three programme--Marlon Griffith installed a series of "shadow drawings" on large fabric panels across the Alice Yard space. As audience members walked through and around the installation, their own shadows contributed to the spectacle.

(Alice Yard's 24HRS residency programme invites an artist to create a site- and time-specific work in the yard space over the course of a single day. The programme was conceived by Griffith. The first 24HRS artist was Barbadian Sheena Rose.)

marlon chris shadows

Marlon Griffith and Christopher Cozier, silhouetted against a portion of the installation, discuss the 24HRS project in the context of Griffith's previous work.

marlon 24 HRS 1

A detail of the installation, showing one of the stencils used to project Griffith's drawings onto the fabric panels.

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