Sunday, September 19, 2010

4x4: Outward Reach

Friday 24 September, 2010, at 8.00 pm.

John Cox in his studio. Photograph by Christopher Cozier

Marcel Pinas at his Moiwana Monument, commemorating the victims of the Moiwana Massacre in 1986. Photograph by Christopher Cozier

The second event in 4x4, Alice Yard’s fourth anniversary programme, is Outward Reach, a conversation about regional art networks and collaborations between John Cox, Marcel Pinas, and Christopher Cozier.

John Cox is a Bahamian artist whose mixed media works “sample” images from mass media. He is the founder of the Popopstudios Centre for the Visual Arts, an independent studio and art gallery dedicated to the preservation and advancement of alternative Bahamian visual culture. Popopstudios hosts an ongoing residency programme for international artists.

Marcel Pinas is a Surinamese artist. His work, which he has shown widely in the Caribbean and internationally, draws on his Ndjuka heritage. He is the founder of the Kibii Wi Foundation, which has established a community art education project, an artists’ residency programme, and a sculpture park in the Maroon community of Moengo.

Cox and Pinas will speak about their respective programmes and networks in the Bahamas and Suriname, and engage in a conversation about cross-Caribbean collaboration with Alice Yard co-instigator Christopher Cozier and members of the audience.

All are invited.

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