Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alice Yard Players: When Arima Rained

Jada When Arima Rained

Detail of costume from When Arima Rained

“When Arima rained, soul-dears from the constellation of life showered breaths of light from a colourful night sky.”

Since 2007, siblings Lupe and Sean Leonard have produced a children’s Carnival masquerade band based at Alice Yard. Every presentation has attempted to sensitise young people to their environment, Trinidad and Tobago, by drawing reference to the culture, geography, flora, and fauna of their homeland. The costumes incorporate found and recycled objects from the natural and man-made environment.

The Alice Yard Players’ 2011 presentation is called When Arima Rained. Arima — which means both “place of the beginning” and “water” — is an indigenous Amerindian place name for what is now a large town in eastern Trinidad. The band’s mythical narrative attempts to bring these two definitions together, in three elements:

Canopy: Spectrum — The Night Cloud
Players: Soul-dears of Light
Character: Arima Night

For further details:

Email: lupeleonard@hotmail.com
Telephone: (868) 490-8853

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