Sunday, August 26, 2012

100 Years after Independence (Not Ours)

A conversation with Tatiana Flores

Tuesday 28 August, 7.00 pm

Zapatistas at Rest, by Fernando Leal (1922, oil on canvas)

Tatiana Flores, Alice Yard’s current researcher in residence, is an art historian and curator, based at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She specialises in twentieth-century Latin American art and contemporary art. Her first book project examines the development of avant-gardism in post-revolutionary Mexico, in relation to the Estridentista (“Stridentist”) movement, which encompassed art and literature. She is also active as an independent curator, and was co-curator with Christopher Cozier of the 2011 exhibition Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions (Washington, DC).

On Tuesday 28 August, Flores will give an informal talk at Alice Yard on the development of modernism in Mexico, one century after independence and immediately following the Mexican Revolution. It ponders the place of the arts in a postcolonial and socially agitated context, and offers a creative revisioning of the period typically known as the “Mexican Renaissance.” In her conversation with the audience, Flores will consider parallels with circumstances in post-independence Trinidad and Tobago.

All are invited.

A public intervention by Estridentistas in Xalapa, c. 1926: car parked on the steps of the city cathedral

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