Friday, September 2, 2016

Join us for the opening of


September 2016 to September 2017
Alice Yard and Granderson Lab

X = symbol to mark a specific location
X = sign for multiplication
X = an unknown variable
X = 10

In September 2016, Alice Yard marks its tenth anniversary as a space for conversation and experiment. Beginning in a modest Woodbrook backyard, our activities have gradually expanded through creating a small gallery space, residency quarters for visiting artists and curators, a bandroom used by dozens of musicians for rehearsal, and the adjunct space Granderson Lab in Belmont, home to a number of artists and creative collaboratives.

We began ten years ago with questions and possibilities. Our evolution has been organic and open-ended. As we consider our actions and ideas of the past decade, our instinct is less to celebrate and more to affirm our spirit of investigation and exchange, our ethos of generosity and independence.

As we prepare to begin our second decade, on Sunday 11 September, 2016, Alice Yard will host an installation by artist in residence Blue Curry, alongside September 2006, a modest exhibition drawn from our archives and documenting the moment of Alice Yard’s beginning ten years ago. We will also share details of a curatorial collaboration between Blue Curry and Alice Yard co-director Christopher Cozier, which will unfold over the coming month: a series of site-specific, public-domain projects by various artists, exploring questions of authorship, decision-making, and the artwork as event or action rather than object exclusively.

These activities will also open YEAR X, a twelve-month programme of projects and events that reflect on the archive of our past and the prospects of our future. We invite our collaborators, interlocutors, and friends to join us in imagining what might be possible in “a backyard on a small island.”

All are invited.

Souvenir, by Blue Curry (hair combs, perspex plinths, billboard posters) for VITRINE, 2014

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